Jarrett Risher

Hello everyone, It is very nice to e-meet you. Entrepreneurship is my passion and has become my way out of workplace obstacles. Business and functional communications are my bread and butter. I am raising capital for operating expenses, and development of essential products and intellectual property, specifically - our platform for engagement between service providers and end users. A robust platform that provides its users security through ID forensics for verification purposes. An invoicing gateway that secures payment similar to Fiverr. Operating expenses for completing production of existing products and necessary marketing, research and licensing fees we incur for business continuity. I'm looking to change the way we work, find work, and secure our finsnces when we complete work. Lastly, I will implement changes to the way we educate our school children with upskilling initiatives centered around modern expectations in the workforce. Thank you for your time and support, Jarrett Risher

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