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Black Owned Businesses Creating Black Success Stories #ACHIEVE #BLACKSUCCESSSTORIES

by Jarrett Risher

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Jarrett Risher

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Hello All,

It is my pleasure to present A C H I E V E M O R, on this platform as it is unapologetically our space. First, it is nice to e-meet you, the reader.

A C H I E V E M O R is a project I started in 2021 during covid. It was a pivot from my recruitment and training consultancy LLC. I established this S-Corp to address greater gaps dealing with the infrastructure in America, both human and Information Technology based infrastructure. In this rebranding, I am creating a model for affiliate and referral businesses that shifts the current structure and perception and addresses the influx of freelance professionals who have left the workforce in favor of side hustles and independent contracting opportunities.

A C H I E V E M O R is already scalable. I accomplished this by creating the organization as a reflection of our regional, national, and worldwide economic environment, which is constantly changing and rearranging. We are INTERCHANGEABLE, SMART, and AGILE by design. Our targeted industries of engagement are the following:

IT (Opensource, Cybersecurity, No-code, Networking, Software Development, Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrency, Tokenization)

Ed-Tech (Workforce Development, Certified Professional Training, Experiential Learning for High Schools, Universities & Colleges and Development Centers,  e-Learning & LMS development, Summer Programs and Ongoing Development Training for Professional Athletes)

Lead Generation (Digital and Organic Marketing, SEO, LinkedIn & Social Media Automation)

Data Analytics (Data Visualization, Data Migration, BI Warehousing, Performance Based Data Tracking, and Analysis)


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